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Outside of pure design and development, we have a lot of other tools we use to run our day to day.


There's a lot to say about Trello that we'll put here, but for now, here are some reasons we prefer Trello over the many other process management tools out there

  • Trello is easy to pickup for beginners but has so many features to support more advanced usage
  • Trello's card system forces you to focus only on a couple of items at a time; there are only so many cards that can fit on a screen. Other systems that show huge lists where you can see 20-30 items at a time can dilute this focus.
  • Trello has a customizeable workflow that can grow as Scrum Express grows.
  • Trello encourages aynchronous communication - allow the people you're communicating with to deal with what they need to deal with when they have time to deal with it.
  • Trello is free! or at least for how we use it for.


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G Suite

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Payment Evolution

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This is a constantly evolving document, so check back regularly.
Aside from outright plagiarism and claiming that this is your work, feel free to use this in anyway you want.