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Custom Software

What exactly is Custom Software?

Admittedly, it took us awhile to settle on this term and both customers and staff are not always clear what it means. A lot of customers and staff haven't even heard the term before they came across BiteSite.

Custom Software is basically software that is developed specifically for one customer. It is almost akin to a Bespoke piece of clothing, or a custom kitchen. It is a product that doesn't exist when you walk in our door, but that you sit down with us and build it with us to end up with something that was built specifically for you and your needs.

So how come you don't call it Web Development or Mobile Development? While these are our specialties, the term Custom Software opens up the potential solutions we can come up with. If after talking with you we decide that a Mobile Application is best to solve your problem, we go with that. However, we might discover that the best thing to do is to build some integration. Web, Mobile, Desktop...these are all just the media that we can select to execute the solution and determining what medium is the best is part of the Custom Software discussion.

So does BiteSite do Web Application and Mobile Application development?

Yes. In fact, these two are our specialty. Our staff our software engineers and are capable of many different types of software development, but Web and Mobile is where we shine. That being said, part of our process is figuring out what might be the best route to solve your problem. The answer might be a Web Application. The answer might be a Mobile application. The answer might be something else like building a small integration, a desktop application, or even using existing software. Again, Web and Mobile are our media of choice, but Custom Software is all about figuring out what the best solution to the problem is.

What are the alternatives to Custom Software

We believe that our customers should really only arrive at Custom Software after they've considered the alternatives. In fact, we even recommend going with the alternatives in a lot of cases. Here's a brief breakdown of what we see as the alternatives:

Description Pros Cons
Non-Software Solution Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Mass Market Software Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Small Market Software Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Custom Software Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
This is a constantly evolving document, so check back regularly.
Aside from outright plagiarism and claiming that this is your work, feel free to use this in anyway you want.