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The BiteSite Playbook

One of the companies we highly respect (and aspire to be like) is ThoughtBot and one of the best things they ever did was openly publish their Playbook. Not only did it put everyone involved on the same page, but it also showed companies like us how the 'big players' do things. It also gave us validation since we were doing a lot of the same things already.

Inspired by their actions, we are putting our everyday practices in this openly available playbook. By having this document, we think

  • It will help other companies improve their own processes
  • It will help new clients understand what it's like to work with us
  • It will help us attact and sell to new clients
  • It will help us attact new employees
  • It will help us on-board new employees
  • It will act as a good reference for our existing team
  • It will act as a good reference for existing clients

This is a constantly evolving document, so check back regularly.
Aside from outright plagiarism and claiming that this is your work, feel free to use this in anyway you want.