The BiteSite Video Retainer is a package that allows our clients to deliver high-quality video content on a regular basis at an affordable rate. It is a great complement to marketing and on-boarding strategies but is also flexible to suit your needs.
After years of working in the video production industry, we started realizing that our customers required something on the more economical side and an offering that allowed for higher frequency of output. We also realized that each client was different and had different capabilities in-house. With this, we worked with clients to design an offering that was more suited towards their needs, and thus, the BiteSite video retainer was born.
The BiteSite Video Retainer is perfect for testimonial videos, promo videos, video ads, on-boarding and training videos, demo videos, and more. Read on to get a taste of what your company could be producing.


The BiteSite Video Retainer is offered in 3 tiers. Each tier offers you a certain number of video production hours a month. Those hours are very flexible and can be used for scripting, concepting, video shoots, interviews, editing, motion graphics/animation, sound mixing, music licenses, graphic design, and more. The BiteSite team will work with you to ensure that we are maximizing our partership.
8 hours per month
~ 1 video per month
16 hours per month
~ 2 videos per month
24 hours per month
~ 3 videos per month
All tiers require a 3-month minimum commitment. Prices do not include applicable taxes. Terms are flexible.


If the BiteSite Video Retainer sounds like something that would suit your organization, fill out the form below and we'll start the conversation.
If you're interested in BiteSite's video work, but the retainer is not the right fit, check out our full video offering here.