We build custom software to execute your vision.


BiteSite is a custom software shop that builds software to help Ottawa businesses execute their vision. Whether it be a MVP to kick-start the next great startup, a project to boost productivity, or a marketing website to bring in customers, we're hear to help. Software development is a big field, but we can breakdown what we offer into the following:
Process Management
We believe that all good software begins with a good process. Whether you have small updates to make, a short project, or on-going needs, we'll build a process that maximizes the effectiveness of your software.
Product Management
Product management is all about deciding what to build, and when to build it. We'll help you decide what's important and what's not and priortize the features that will make the most impact.
UX Design
Whether it be a 5-minute conversation or full-blown wireframes, taking some time to think about how your users will flow through your app can make a big difference. We'll work with you to bring out the best user experience we can.
UI Design
Sometimes the thing we get most excited about is the final polish on our software. Our developers will design an app that will be functional, professional, and suitable for your audience.
Our developers balance strong software engineering principles with our clients needs to deliver stable, powerful, and viable software. Everything from using modern languages and frameworks, to best practices around source control and deployment, we'll build a solution that suits you perfectly.

Common Projects

When it comes down to it, custom software simply means software that was built specifically for you. That covers a huge area and a lot of times our customers wonder if their project is suitable for us. While we recommend you come in and chat with us to see if your project is a fit, here are some common projects that we specialize in:
Web Apps
Our specialty is full-stack web applications. So whether you're trying to build the next AirBnb or Twitter, or you're looking to improve your business with productivity tools, we can build a web application that starts as an MVP and scales with your success.
Mobile Apps
Mobile has become such an important platform and providing your users with a mobile option can mean the difference between your idea being a success or not. We use Expo and React-Native to allow for efficient development of iOS and Android Apps with rich user experiences.
Marketing Websites
A lot of our biggest web applications start out as marketing websites. If you need an simple online presence to promote your business that can grow with you, we're the right shop for you.


Custom software is all about finding the right solution for the problem. We try not to box ourselves in to specific technologies, but we do our best when working with the following tools:
Ruby on Rails
Expo & React-Native

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