Splice Web Application

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One of the main goals of our Software Development services is to give companies a kick-start - to give them all the tools they need to get some traction so that they can build a great software company. That's exactly what happened with Splice.

Founders Norm Daigle and Serge Casault approached BiteSite with an ambitious app idea to build a web app to serve the independent consultant space. BiteSite aided in building the initial version exposing Splice to good software processes, technologies, philosophies, and more. Splice gained traction and was able to add their own resources to the mix to become a fully functioning software company.

BiteSite maintains its relationship with Splice today helping more on the product management side.

Below are some screenshots of the initial version of the app that BiteSite built with Splice. You can view the latest incarnation of the app at www.splice.co