Besides our core Custom Software services, we like to create our own products. Whether it's to help out our daily work, pursuing our passion, to learn something new, or just for fun, we like to build and share.

Here are some of things we've built!


Cambue is a web application that helps small businesses control their costs and plan their revenue. It was built on ideas that came from internal tools.

See the web app here

Estimation Poker

Estimation Poker is a web and mobile app that we built to help estimate cards in our Scrum Express process. It's a web app that integrates optionally with Trello and allows users to submit their estimations.

See the web app here


Deployem is a simple Ruby gem that simplifies Rails app deployments to Heroku. It works best with a GitFlow strategy and ensures you don't forget to run your database migrations.

See the gem here


Career is a Rails Engine that supercharges your background jobs. It provides persistent data around your background jobs.

See the gem here


CNTDWN2 is an iOS app that allows you to keep track of your upcoming events.

See the app here


FigStrap is a front-end framework meant to bridge the gap between developers and designers who use Figma.

See the framework here


ReadySetShow is a setlist manager to simplify your shows.

See the app here


Fallowfield is an iOS that lets you convert focal lengths of lenses to different cameras.

See the app here

Trello Views

A Chrome extension to give you customized views of Trello columns.

See the Chrome Extension here