Live Action Film Production Event Coverage


L-SPARK is an Accelerator/Incubator program in the Ottawa, Canada area targeting companies in the Enterprise SaaS space.

L-SPARK has been one of BiteSite's biggest video production customers and they have provided us the opportunity to create some of our best work. L-SPARK has really embraced video as part of their marketing strategy and BiteSite has been involved in producing videos for their various events to really tell the full L-SPARK story. Everything from their company Pitchfests, to Lunch n Learns, to Special Guest Events, and their SaaS Showcases - there is no shortage of material. The culmination of each cohort is the Grad Videos which have been some of BiteSite's proudest work.


The outcome of all this work is a large library of video material that gives anyone who's interested a complete picture of the L-SPARK experience. With all the opportunities to produce video material, our relationship with L-SPARK has also given us a good platform to experiment and push our boundaries. Check out the videos below for a taste of what BiteSite and L-SPARK have been able to achieve together.

"The BiteSite team have been a critical resource in helping us to convey the key values of the L-SPARK program with our annual cohort video. The video captures the unique energy and enthusiasm that exists amongst our entrepreneurs and always results in an authentic representation of our brand. In addition to the flagship cohort video, L-SPARK has also integrated video into our event marketing strategy and the BiteSite team has executed flawlessly every time. BiteSite has also worked directly with our portfolio to assist them with crafting the story of their company as they prepare to go to market. The pitch and explainer videos are an invaluable resource to our entrepreneurs as they exit the program and begin to engage with investors.”
-Jamie Petten, Marketing Manager, L-SPARK

For more information about L-SPARK, visit www.l-spark.com.