Curtiss-Wright Defence Solutions TLCM Video

Live Action Scripted Film Production Motion Graphics Film Production


In 2017, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions came to BiteSite looking for a video production to convey the benefits of their Total Lifecycle Management services. Their goal was to create something professional for the defense industry but to break free from traditional corporate video.

After a few conversations and research with the TLCM team, BiteSite came up with the idea to create an explainer video that featured a lead actor explaining the benefits of the program mixed in with complex motion graphics to give it the edge they were seeking.


From script, to storyboards, to shoot, to post-production, and tweaks, the TLCM video was a great project with heavy collaboration on both sides. There were a lot of moving parts to production and we were extremely pleased with the end result. Click on the image below to view the results.

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