Why Choose Video Over Any Other Medium?

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There are many ways to get your message out into the world and whether you're advertising a product, creating daily content, promoting an event etc., the question will always remain: what medium should you use? Sometimes it will be easy to determine. For instance, your subject matter might better suit a visual format such as instagram as opposed to a writing it out on a blog. Other times, the method of communication is more flexible, and you'll need to consider each available communication medium.

Every medium has its own benefits. Whether you're writing an informative blog, creating a beautiful image, or producing an engaging video, you'll be reaping the benefits that each one offers and reaching the unique audience that it attracts.

Video may not always be the most obvious choice, and you might only ever consider video at times when it is clearly the best platform to get your message across. In this blog post (ironically), we'll be talking about why you may want to consider video, and why.

Ease of Consumption

Video is often the most favoured form of communication because it is the 'easiest' to consume for the viewer. On the level of pure mental-effort, it can be much more enticing to simply have a message spoken to you without putting in the added effort of reading. You might also say that video is easier to consume simply because it is more available. Videos are shared more often than other forms of media and have the chance of 'going viral' as well. Whether you're using platforms like facebook, instagram or linkedin, video will be in your feed and around every corner. Even when only considering the availability of video mixed with the ease of its consumption, it can be seen as a highly effective method of communication.

Richer Content

Video takes the lead when it comes to the quality and richness of its content. This is in no small part because of the almost infinite creative applications of the video medium. You can literally create any visual or auditory idea that comes to mind. Using video elements such as music, images, motion graphics, text, and other special effects allow you to retain your viewers attention while also communicating your message clearly.

You're also able to add energy that engages the audience through the personality of on-screen subjects. It is much more engaging to watch another human standing in front of you (albeit through the screen) than to consume the same message any other way. As humans, we simply respond to other human beings 'more' than we do to text or images. As soon as you add in human subjects, your ability to convey tone and emotion improve significantly over other mediums. Not only does the quality of the message improve with vocal delivery, but you are also better equipped to establish relationships with your audience; you can gain trust and create a stronger sense of familiarity with your brand.

Best Suited

Sometimes video will be the most effective way to get your message across when what you are talking about is easier seen through video than read about. For example, you might want to show a demo of your software application so your audience can learn of its benefits or understand how to use it by seeing it in action. In other scenarios, you may want to build your brand and associate it with certain images or emotions; video can help here as well. Whatever the message, video is often a clear winner when determining which medium is best suited in getting your message across.


Video has some clear strengths and applications, and can often be used to deliver your message effectively. This is not to say that video will always make the most sense. Generally, video production is more time-consuming to create than other mediums. Posting a picture with a quick caption, writing an article, or creating a visual ad can sometimes achieve the same goal in less time. Video also tends to require more specialized skills and you'll need to be prepared to either hire a vendor or learn some of the craft yourself. It really comes down to the return on your investment. Video does take time but can be a very effective tool for your marketing strategy. Lastly, you can always take a look at the video posted along with this blog post and get a feel for how the message comes across based on each medium.

Tim Clark
Filmmaker, BiteSite