Video File Sizes (In Donuts)

film video production

So this week we did something a little different for our weekly video.

As a marker who has somehow found himself become a filmmaker, there was a lot of things that I didn’t know about video when I started picking up the camera. One of those things was just how big video sizes could get. And not only that, but just how varied they could be based on the format you shoot in.

So, we thought it’d be cool to test out how big 10 seconds of video shot on our Black Magic camera could be in a few different resolutions and formats - and we decided to show that more visually through the use of some delicious donuts from Maverick’s Donuts, located here in Ottawa.

For our experiment, we dealt with two resolutions - HD (1080p) and 4K.

HD Proxy
First up was HD Proxy, which we found was around 50mb, or in the case of today’s exercise, half a donut.

HD BMRAW Constant Quality Q0
Next we tested a higher quality HD format, which jumped up to 180mb for 10 seconds of footage.

4K Proxy
4K Proxy was approximately 200mb, making this low-end 4K format a bigger file size than our high-quality HD footage.

4K BMRAW Constant Quality
Here’s where we really started to stack the donuts on the plate. This high quality 4K format saw the file size hit around 770mb.

So there you have it, checking out a range of video sizes in the most delicious of ways.

Jason Connell
Filmmaker, BiteSite