React Native Vector Icons getImageForFont issue

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So recently, I've been diving into React Native and running into all these little quirks. Luckily, it seems to be getting better day by day in terms of setup. I can say this though, as a Web Developer, this is my most successful attempt and writing mobile apps (after trying Objective-C, then Swift).

Today, I thought I'd post an small issue I ran into in trying to get react-native-vector-icons to work. The error message that would pop up on screen was

getImageForFont issue

It was a pretty simple fix. In Xcode, in your project, find your Info.plist. Then check the "Fonts provided by application" (if it's not there, you'll have to add it). Once added, make sure all your fonts are added to this property. So add Entypo.ttf, FontAwesome.ttf etc.

After that, it should work.

Hope this helps out some peeps.

Casey Li
CEO & Founder, BiteSite