Our Favourite Videos (that we've worked on)

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While the norm is usually "go go go", sometimes it can be pretty cool to look back on the work you've done. As filmmakers, that's what we're doing today! We've had the pleasure of working with some awesome people and businesses over the years to create videos that we (and we hope everyone) are proud of. In this video, we make our picks for the video we enjoyed working on the most as well as a runner-up. While it's hard to nail down the true winners, we did our best... check out the results below.

Tim's Picks

Top Pick - FileFacets Explainer Video

Runner Up - Curtiss-Wright TLCM Video


Casey's Picks

Top Pick - The 2016 L-SPARK Cohort Grad Video

The 2016 L-SPARK Cohort from L-SPARK on Vimeo.

Runner Up - App8 Promo Video

Jason's Picks

Top Pick - Rewind Training Video

Runner Up - App8 Promo Video

Tim Clark
Filmmaker, BiteSite