Mobile Video Training - Learn How To Create Professional Videos Using Your Cellphone!

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Here at BiteSite, we have just launched a training course that teaches you how to record high quality, professional looking videos using just your cellphone.

You've surely recorded videos on your phone before, perhaps for a social media post or to share life experiences with friends. Well, if you've ever wondered how to take it a step further and shoot a video that stands out among the typical spontaneous phone recordings, look no further. In this video course we'll not only go over shooting techniques that would improve those quick video recordings, but also tips and tools that will enable you to shoot and edit together a video that tells a story, sells a product, promotes an event, or serves any other purpose your video may have.

This training should give you the ability to produce video content that is suitable to be placed on your business' website or social media, and generally will fit right in to the corporate video space. The goal of our course is to give you the foundation that allows you to create videos that look and sound great, no matter the type of video.

This is all possible because of the quality of the modern day phone camera. Even with a slightly outdated phone, you're likely able to record video that, given the right techniques and conditions, can be almost indistinguishable from videos shot on a more expensive dedicated camera such as a DSLR camera. Of course, there are also reasons you might choose to invest in a more expensive camera, namely the creative flexibility they offer, and yes, the added quality. The thing about phone cameras though, is that virtually everyone has one and they can indeed get the job done!

As a video company, we've definitely had many a person approach us with the question "Can I shoot my own videos, maybe with my phone?" Well, we're happy and very excited to provide that answer in the form of this course!

You can check the course out here on our site at

Tim Clark
Filmmaker, BiteSite