How To Get More Value From Your Corporate Video

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When you put time and effort into your work you'll naturally want to see the fruits of your labour. When it comes to producing videos, you'll need to be your own marketing maven in order to get the desired result of having your video seen and responded to. The mindset of both producing and marketing your video is key in having it be successful online, and there are things you can do to gain this attention. In this post, we'll be looking at tactics to implement both before hitting record on the camera, and after publishing the finished video. First, let's look at how to plan your video for success from the very start of the process.

Plan For Marketing Success

Strategically planning your video can be effective in achieving high view counts and receiving the desired response from your audience. It shouldn't be expected that posting a video on YouTube without much thought put into its marketing strategy will instantly yield more sales and visibility.

When it comes to planning your video, you'll want to consider your audience and craft your message based on who you're targeting. This might sound like marketing 101, but it's an area that needs special attention when it comes to video. Video production is often an exciting process, where there are a lot of ideas on the table in terms of concept and visuals. While this is a great thing, it can sometimes lead to there being too much focus on having a video that looks fantastic, but misses the mark on what you're trying to achieve with it. Defining a clear and concise message for the video, based on who you're targeting, is key. All your decisions thereafter should be in line with what your audience will connect and resonate with.

Besides having the right messaging, it can also be tempting to want to include multiple messages and concepts into one video. Again, video is such a flexible and efficient method of communication; it's what makes it such a powerful method to communicate your message. It's usually not too difficult to portray more than one message or over-explain a topic when you have so many tools at your disposal (spoken word, written word, live-action footage, illustrated visuals, music etc). Keeping it concise and directed towards one idea will help to increase your video's intended effect.

To summarize, have one clear message to communicate to your well-defined targeted audience and use the tools of video intentionally yet powerfully to grab your audience's attention.

Do the Marketing

Once all the work has been put into creating an effective video and it's ready to posted, there is more you can do to increase its chances of reaching your target audience online. One thing to consider is where you post the video. YouTube is probably the first platform that comes to mind, and rightly so. When posting on YouTube, there are some simple things to do that can help your video's success. These include using an effective thumbnail, description, and title. If you're wanting to achieve long-term success on a particular platform like YouTube, that in itself warrants its own time and effort.

You can also consider other posting platforms based on audience. For example, LinkedIn has recently created its own platform for posting videos that are self-contained on the site. LinkedIn will favour videos in terms of their visibility if they're self contained and posted there directly.

Additionally, there are other ways to promote your video online. Sometimes a video will work well with your email marketing strategy. If it makes sense to do so, it can also be placed on your website's landing page. You can also be linking to it from other platforms such as instagram and twitter. Paid ad campaigns can be very effective as well. The key is to get it in front of as many eyes as possible from your target audience.


Video production and video marketing go hand-in-hand. Plan your video in such a way that it's high quality in terms of its concept and messaging. After planning, further increase its online success by placing it in the right locations and advertising it. For more content related to marketing your videos, you can check out other posts in our blog.

Tim Clark
Filmmaker, BiteSite