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Video editing software? Free? High Quality? First time editing a video? Read on!

Video editing software these days is becoming more and more accessible. As technology inevitably improves, and the value of video becomes ever more apparent, the competition amongst editing softwares provides an accessible and valuable marketplace for the modern-day editor. Adobe's Premiere Pro and Apple's Final Cut Pro are hugely popular amongst filmmakers, but with DaVinci Resolve's somewhat recent foray into the editing world, a new giant is emerging.

Davinci Resolve

Today, we'll be talking about DaVinci Resolve, offered by the company Blackmagic Design. Resolve started out as the go-to software for colour correction, but has now successfully made the leap into an all-around editing application, offering not only high end colouring capabilities, but also a robust suite of editing, audio, and special effects tools. Additionally, with all the updates accompanying its latest release (version 16), it is becoming an attractive option in comparison to other options.

Video Editing Is For You!

In this post, we're simply making the point that this software, or any video editing software for that matter, should be a relatively simple thing to pick up for the amateur video editor. While the learning curve can become steep the more you get into post-production, the basic editing functions that allow you to create a great looking video are just that: basic.

This idea of simplicity, combined with the fact that the Davinci Resolve software is free to download, makes it a great option for people looking to edit a video for the first time. The key is to not be scared away by working with a highly functioning app, and of course be prepared to put on your learning pants, if only for a moment.

For a brief overview of what the editing process might look like in DaVinci Resolve, check out the video posted along with this post.


Finally, the zero sum cost of this software warrants explanation. You're probably wondering, "what's the catch?" First off, there is a paid version of this software that offers a little more functionality, but you get at least 90% of the product in the free version; it's definitely not one of those apps that is greatly reduced in the free version.

Besides it somehow making business sense for Blackmagic Design (the explanation of which I'll leave to the business-minded to figure), Blackmagic just happens to be very passionate about making high-end video products accessible to the the average person. "Average person" in this case could refer to freelancers, hobbyists, indy filmmakers, or pretty much any filmmaker who doesn't identify as a large production studio that can purchase very expensive gear and software!

To prove this point, check out this quote from Blackmagic Design CEO, Grant Petty:

"Blackmagic Design is dedicated to allowing the highest quality video to be affordable to everyone, so the post production and television industry can become a truly creative industry." - Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design

There you have it. Blackmagic Design: great company.

It's All Possible

Of course, there are other options for editing applications out there. If you're really wanting to keep things as simple as possible, you can go as far as shooting and editing a video completely on your mobile device! On the other hand, if you're excited to jump into the art of video editing, we recommend Davinci Resolve as a great option. That being said, we do use Final Cut Pro at BiteSite for our video editing requirements, and use Davinci Resolve as our go-to colour correction and colour grading application. In the future, we may switch over to Resolve; it is certainly proving itself as a viable option. For anyone looking for free software, Resolve is the way to go.

Thanks for taking the time, and stay tuned for more!

Tim Clark
Filmmaker, BiteSite