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Lately on our blog, we've been talking a lot about the value of video. Check out any of our recent posts to see more on this topic. In this post, we'll be continuing that theme and taking a closer look at one of our past projects. We'll see how a promo video we produced for a past client was able to help with their marketing efforts by creating awareness for their company. The video in question was done for Iridian Spectral Technologies. You can view it here. Iridian Spectral Technologies creates a variety of custom thin film optical filters for its worldwide client-base right here in Ottawa, Canada.

This video was one of our larger productions, and we're happy to say that this project was big success as well. Everything from pre-production all the way up to the marketing of the video after it was completed went smoothly and was executed well. While there are many angles we could take in looking back on everything that went into making this video a success, we'll focus on just a few areas that we hope will be of benefit to our audience.

We sat down with Jason Palidwar, Iridian's account manager who was involved in the video's production and marketing efforts, to hear his thoughts on the value of their video. To hear what Jason has to say, you can check out the video in this post, or read on for a summary of his answers.

Why Iridian Wanted A Video

Iridian already had a lot of marketing materials to promote their business. Whether it was promotion through their website, print materials like brochures, or attending trade shows, Iridian certainly had ways to attract and interact with potential customers. So, why did they want a video to add to their marketing strategy? Jason tells us that they believed video would be an effective way to create more awareness of their company. Not only this, but they were also looking for a "more unique and complete way" to communicate who they are what what they do. Given that Iridian is a service based company with a whole lot to offer, they saw video as an effective way to communicate their service. Jason not only saw video as an effective way to showcase what Iridian offers, but also the people who make up the company and their facilities.

The Effort Pays Off

At BiteSite, we love clients who are willing to work with us to craft a video that they will be delighted with and excited to promote. While we understand that we can't always get absolutely everything we might want from a client throughout the production of a video, it is often the case that the more effort the client can put in, the better the video will be.

When it comes to involvement, we've outlined all the steps a client can be expected to take in their video's production in one of our past posts. You can find that post here.

When it came to this particular project, we found that Iridian was especially willing to put in the time. So, we were curious as to what made Iridian such a willing participant in their video's production.

Jason let us in on their mindset going into the production. Simply put, Jason figured that if they were going to invest a significant amount of money into the video, they should put as much of their own effort into it as well. Not only that, but involving themselves in terms of offering access to their internal facilities and allowing us to interview a variety of their people allowed them to really showcase the spirit of Iridian and what makes them unique. Jason notes that if they're trying to sell their company by way of their people and the interactions they have with clients, then it's a good idea to show the world who those people are.

How To Market A Video

We noted that after completing the video and delivering the final cut to Iridian, it quickly garnered a lot of attention online. At the time of this post, the video sits at about 101,000 views on YouTube. We asked Jason what marketing efforts they put into the video that led to so many people seeing it. Jason mentions that they posted the video on their website and linked to it through social media. As well, they had online marketing partners promote the video further; they set up YouTube ads as well as pop-up ads on other websites. The pop-up ads in particular were targeted specifically towards people of a certain location who had also visited their website (a marketing strategy that Jason notes is known as "geofencing").

Was It A Success?

Lastly, we asked Jason if they got what they wanted out of the video and if it was a success in their eyes. Jason told us that they in fact got "fare more than we initially bargained for" from the video. Jason got a lot of feedback from people in the industry that they had seen the video and thought it looked great. Overall, Jason got the sense that they were generating a lot of awareness for Iridian, which was their goal to begin with.


So there's a quick look at one of our past projects and how it was a benefit to the client. Besides getting a polished video showcasing their company to place on their website, they were also able to generate awareness by promoting the video extensively online. This project was a strong testament to the results you can get the client treats their vendor relationship as a true partnership, and puts in the marketing efforts after the final video is delivered in order to have it deliver.

If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to comment below. Stay tuned for more!

Tim Clark
Filmmaker, BiteSite