Can I have a contact form on my website?

You sure can, but there are a couple of things you need to understand first. The basic idea to a contact form on your website is that when a visitor fills out the contact form, your website is going to send you an e-mail notifying you that the visitor has contacted you with the information they supplied in the form.

The question is - how does your website send you an e-mail? Well it's very similar to how your smartphone, or tablet, or desktop appilcation sends an e-mail.

When you setup your smartphone or tablet or application like Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook, here's what it looks like: Emailexplanation001 So you hook up your smartphone to an existing e-mail account to send e-mails to some destination address.

Here's what a concrete example might look like: Emailexplanation002 So in this example, your iPhone is hooked up to your GMail account. Your iPhone will use your GMail account to send e-mails to your friend's e-mail address.

Now when it comes to your website's contact form, it's not very different. Here's what the setup is: Emailexplanation003 So rather than your smartphone being hooked up to your e-mail account, your website is hooked up to your e-mail account so that your website can send e-mails.

Again, the idea is that your website will use your e-mail account to send e-mails to you notifying you that someone has contact you. Here is a specific example: Emailexplanation004

So what does this mean for you? If you want BiteSite to code a contact form for you, you'll have to give BiteSite the following information:

  • An you want to use to do the sending of the notification e-mails. You will have to give BiteSite staff the username and password of this account - so make sure it's something you're comfortable divulging to BiteSite staff. BiteSite heavily favours and suggests GMail accounts or Google Apps for Business accounts as they are the easiest to deal with.
  • A destination e-mail address where you want to receive the notification e-mails that someone has contacted you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with picking the e-mail address that is associated with the e-mail account you picked above, but you also have to option of selecting a different e-mail address is you want.