UX/UI Designer and Graphic Designer

Part-time Employment (with potential to become full-time) - Ottawa, Canada

Posted: Wednesday, January 04, 2017 at 03:27:39 PM

BiteSite has had great success in the past few years serving clients in the Ottawa, Canada area. We have been delivering work in two specific areas: software development and film production. And now we’re looking for a talented designer who can augment and amplify our offerings in both these areas.

There is a specific reason we are posting this job as UX/UI Designer AND Graphic Designer as the chosen candidate will be filling two related but different roles.

On the software development side, we are looking for a UX/UI Designer who is proficient in not only designing beautiful web and mobile user interfaces, but also in putting together rich and elegant user experiences. On top of the design, we'd love someone who can justify their design decisions. We're looking for someone who will give our work that wow factor that will complement our software engineers.

On the film production side, we are looking for a Graphic Designer who can work with our film team to create animations and graphics that supplement our live-action and motion graphic work. Hand-drawing abilities for concepts and storyboards would also be a huge asset. We're hoping our designer will also be able to design a visual language for our productions that communicate our clients' messages and values in a beautiful way.

Aside from the core responsibilities, we're looking for someone who can also contribute to the company's marketing efforts.

Being a start-up, BiteSite wants someone who will help us shape and refine our processes. We'd like to bring in an expert who can help us determine the best way to incorporate design into our existing workflow.

At BiteSite, we love producing work that we're proud of and we think a designer would amp up that feeling even more!

You can check out our work at (

Been designing awesome apps?
Started out as a graphic designer and then became a UX designer?
Started in programming and became a designer?
Have an arts background?
Been doing consulting?
Been working at a huge company?
Experienced in half of this posting, but interested in the other half?
Then we should talk.

What you'll be doing

Working with both the software development team and the film production team

Software Development
  • Help the software development team design a process that integrates UX/UI design into our regular workflow
  • Help the software development team understand UX/UI design processes
  • Implement UX/UI design processes
  • Design UX/UI for brand new web and mobile applications
  • Design UX/UI for new features for existing web and mobile applications
  • Redesign UX/UI for existing features for existing web and mobile applications
Film Production
  • Participate in Concepting with the Film Production Team
  • Create Storyboards for Film Productions
  • Create Graphic Design Assets for Film Productions
  • Graphic Design for Marketing and other efforts for BiteSite and for Clients
  • Graphic Design for Presentations for Clients

What you've done

You have experience in

  • UI/UX Design programs like Sketch, Invision, Balsamiq or something similar
  • Graphic Design programs like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop or something similar
  • Designing Web Applications (not just websites)
  • Designing Mobile Applications

What would also be sweet

  • You have experience in Creative Cloud for Teams
  • You have experience for hand drawn designs
  • You have experience in Adobe After Effects
  • You have experience in Javascript, CSS or other programming languages
  • You have experience in Trello, Google Apps for Work
  • You love creating and are proud of your work


  • Apply by sending your resume/portfolio to with the subject line 'Job Application: Designer'
  • Creative applications are also welcome
  • If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at