we build software and make films.


Web Applications

Are you a startup with the next big idea? A well-establish company with an amazing side project? BiteSite can help. We help businesses execute their vision by building powerful full stack Web Applications. And we're not talking about your basic websites here or sites built on CMSs like Wordpress. We're talking about full-blown custom Web Applications.

Video Productions

From Live Video to Motion Graphics, BiteSite has a passion for the video format. Promotional Material, Training Videos, and Event Coverage are just a few of the projects BiteSite has taken on. Video is an extremely effective mode of communication and gets people excited about your message. BiteSite delivers professional quality video with a strong artistic direction.

Mobile Applications

Need a iOS or Android App to complement your web application? Or maybe you have an amazing idea and need a team to build your prototype? Whatever your mobile needs are, BiteSite can help you build rich native apps to execute your vision.
We execute our core projects with our many competencies:
UI Design Web Design Web Development iOS Development Android Development Graphic Design Photography Film Production Motion Graphics
using our core toolset:
Ruby on Rails React React Native Heroku Final Cut Pro X Adobe Creative Cloud Davinci Resolve


The L-SPARK 2017 Cohort Video was one of our biggest projects to date. There was a lot we learned and a lot that went into it, so we wanted to share some insight with the world. Check out our behind the scenes look here!
A couple of months back, BiteSite covered the Canadian unveiling of the Sigelock Spartan - a brand new, redesigned fire hydrant. This past August, International Safety celebrated its first installation on Canadian soil and we were there to cover it. Check it out here!
One of our first hires, Menelik Tucker, has decided to pursue a new adventure and leave BiteSIte. Tucker was brought on to help with the Splice (www.splice.co) project and has made many significant contributions. In his later months, he was lead developer and also took on design work. We'll miss Tucker for sure, but wish him luck at his new job. Thanks, Tucker!


Casey Li
CEO & Founder
Ryan O'Connor
Software Developer
Tim Clark
Brendan McNeill
Want to join our team?

BiteSite is a software development and video production firm based out of Ottawa, Canada. We have a strong philosophy in working on projects that excite us and the customer. Although we have great respect for the big boys like Google, Facebook, Shopify and the way they do things, we have no visions of taking over the world or being the next big thing.

We get way more satisfaction in developing something for somebody and having them say "Wow, that's really cool!" than landing a huge deal attached to a lot of dollars.

We also have a philosophy in finding a good fit between customer and company. We think that if a project is not right for us, it will be bad news for both parties involved. However, if we find a good fit, then we know we can deliver something both parties will be excited about.

We get great satisfaction in dealing with customers who are open minded and are willing to take the time to build something great. We love clients who are forward thinking and who bring their expertise to complement ours. In our past lives, we discovered that collaboration is truly the only way to success.

When it comes down to it - BiteSite was started with the intention of working on great things and having fun while doing it. And that's not just for our staff. We believe it should be fun for our customers as well. When both parties involved have fun and let their creative juices flow, truly amazing things are born.

BiteSite believes in culture above all else. If we sound like a fit, be sure to contact us below.


Contact us for anything!

Know exactly what you want? Have no idea at all? Want to just open up a conversation about your options? Have some technical questions? Whatever it may be, please drop us a line and we'll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

BiteSite believes strongly in finding a good fit company for a good fit customer. So if we find out we're not right for you, we won't pressure you. If we do, we'll be happy to build something you'll truly be excited about.

If you have any troubles with the contact form, you can also e-mail us directly at info@bitesite.ca.